Night Guards

Night Guards

Are you are suffering from clenching, or grinding?  Does your partner say you wake them up at night from grinding your teeth?  Do you suffer from morning headaches, facial pain, earaches, or disrupted sleep?  Chances are, you may need a Night Guard.

What is a Night Guard?


A Night Guard, or Occlusal Guard, is a removable appliance intended to relieve temporomandibular (TMJ) joint pain and other effects of grinding the teeth (bruxism). It is usually worn at night to prevent teeth grinding during sleep.

Common symptoms of teeth grinding

  • Waking up with a headache
  • Tenderness or pain in the jaw
  • Unexplained damage to teeth
  • Clicking or chattering noises

woman grinding teeth, bruxism

What to Expect


If you choose to have a night guard made, Dr. Champer will take models of your mouth, both upper and lower arches. We send your models off to our local lab and they will make an acrylic mouthpiece that fits only your mouth.  Within a couple of weeks, you will find relief from all of your symptoms associated with your bruxism.


To learn more about night guards, call Champer Family Dentistry at (630) 369-4844 or request an appointment online.